Yummm! Lemon Sponge Pudding

http://specialforkblog.com/2013/11/11/lemon-sponge-pudding/Years ago, when I was the food editor of the Honolulu Advertiser, I saved a recipe for Lemon Sponge Pudding from a news wire story. I hadn’t run the story but must have liked the recipe, because I just found it recently in an old recipe binder. So after decades, I thought I’d try it out.

The recipe, probably part of a retro recipes story, was credited to Mrs. Anna Kellogg and printed in 1941 in “Favorite and Original Recipes of the Members of the San Joaquin County Farm Home Department of the Farm Bureau.” In those days, recipes didn’t have to be as detailed since women were more experienced cooks – there were no takeout or ready meal options….read more at specialforkblog.com