Only 2 percent of men and 4 percent of women waited until 70 to claim benefits. Do you know the best age for you to begin claiming Social Security retirement benefits?


People applying for benefits aren’t consistently given key information from the Social Security Administration that they might need to make better-informed decisions about when to begin taking retirement benefits, according to a new government report.


According to the GAO report, whether someone was applying for benefits online or face-to-face with a Social Security claims specialist, “claimants were sometimes provided information that could inadvertently influence them to claim earlier than they might have otherwise.”


For example, some individuals didn’t know that retirement benefits could be taxed or that their benefits could be temporarily reduced if they worked. Some were unaware that a wife or husband — even one who hasn’t worked — could be eligible for benefits based on the record of a working spouse. Some didn’t understand how benefits are calculated.  Read more…