The kitchen is known as the heart of the family, a perfect place for hosting and bringing loved ones together over a good meal. It’s a space that needs to be kept up to date hence it’s worth reading up on emerging kitchen trends which may provide inspiration and influence your design. Often, we encounter challenges when dealing with storage no matter how big the kitchen is. Fortunately, for every item that needs to be stored away, there is usually some sort of space and a storage solution that’s waiting to be discovered.

kravelv.comCustom-built pullout drawers are the in-thing now and definitely a clever way to use up skinny spaces usually between two appliances; one example being the gap between the refriger ting cabinets from the wall and rehang them with the top right beneath the ceiling and then add a shelf below for extra storage refrigerator and a full height cabinet.

Large pullout pantries are  ideal for those who lack space for actual pantry storage as seen on the right hand side image with several pullouts. Not only are they great for storing canned products and spices, they can be sleek and add a modern feel to your kitchen design while taking up less cabinet storage. There are plentiful ideas when it comes to pullout drawers, whether you want to store your pans, knives, cooking boards, small appliances, just have it built to your taste and you are good to go.

Although it might be a bit tricky accessing the top cupboard, it’s still a worthy storage option, especially in a small kitchen space. Alternatively, if you want to achieve this look with less expense, remove the exis

You can never have enough space in the kitchen so why waste it on dead space. With emerging trends we witness bespoke kitchen cabinets being built all the way to the ceiling to re-capture the space. read more at