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4 Things People Always Overlook When Moving

http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-things-people-always-overlook-when-moving/If you’ve ever moved, you’ve cursed the souls and future generations of dozens of family lines in your frustration to get through what is humanity’s greatest failure. That we’ve not made this process tolerable in any way is a testament to just how abhorrent moving really is. Asking a friend to help you move is more offensive than asking to fuck their mother, after you’ve already done it, filmed it, and sent them autographed still photos of the highlights. Or possibly even while you’re doing it.

You need to walk your potential new neighborhood before deciding on any new house. Do you know what’s down the street from me? Some kind of hippie fuck farm made of rocks and garbage. The saying “I can’t even” probably came from people walking by this place. It’s like a fenced-in trash lot overseen by an artist who constantly drinks gasoline. There are trash sculptures and weird rock formations all over their front yard, which is insanely huge, because the house was built at the back of their entire property. So all they have is front yard — just yards and yards of trash-covered front yard….Read more…


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